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External Data as a Service

💪 Pokrytí všech rejstříků, řešení změn, chyb a průběžné rozšiřování
         upgrady jsou součástí služby např. poskytnutí dat z nových zdrojů, nápočet charakteristik atp., 

🤖 Automatizovaná extrakce dat z dokumentů
        a také poskytnutí kompletního obsahu a metadat s využitím state of art OCR Google Document AI

🧐 Analytické prostředí přímo v cloudu a přístup pomocí vlastních BI/DSC nástrojů
         BigQuery SQL konzole, Google Data Studio, JupyterLab, přístup přes Power BI a další

⏰ Rychlá a jednoduchá integrace
        okamžitý přístup do cloudu, vystavení extractů v řádu jednotek dnů

🧭 Uživatelská aplikace
       360, NewsFeed, Lookalike a další, přístupy v rámci Extera předplatného

📦 Externí data jako služba 
        ad-hoc/pravidelné získávání (např. web scrapping) a dodávka dat, která nejsou součástí licence Extera

🙋‍♂️ Efektivní konzultace a podpora
          vysoká úroveň DQ&MDM, data katalog a hluboká znalost dat a možností jejich využití v týmu  

💰 Nákladově efektivní řešení 
       cena licence Extera (cloud (10x), denní extracty, aplikace (10x), support (5MD)) < náklady na 0,5 interní FTE


Extera is cloud data warehouse processing data from numerous open and public data sources on a daily basis.
As DWH should be, Extera is subject centric with strong focus on data and metadata quality to provide reliable single version of truth for all its customers.
Extera users can solve their analytical tasks in record time using online access to SQL console, their favourite BI/DSC tool or their on premise analytical tools after integration.
Extera provides access to fast search API and near real time API as well.


External Data Use Cases

Customer journey with external data usually starts in the risk prevention area. Customers protect themselves from partners with indicators of business problems.
Customers then proceed to data quality areas where they first adhoc update and repair data in their own information systems using data from registers and then subscribe to changes of data and implement proper reactions.
But the most interesting use case area is opportunity search and evaluation. Especially when used for internal data enrichment, Extera plays the role of bottomless well of potential and depends on you if you transform it to your competitive advantage or other companies do that.


Data quality


There is a lot of data about companies and entrepreneurs as customers, suppliers, competitors etc in enterprise information systems. The quality of supported processes and decision making depends highly on the quality of the data.  
As the first step, customers usually repair their data to be up to date with registers and complement it using Extera.
The second step is to subscribe to newsfeed and integrate these information in their processes and information systems. Currently there are over 100 events for economic subjects in Extera that are evaluated on daily basis and about 35 of these directly relate to data quality management.  
For example we are talking about identification data of the economic subject itself, its internal organization (premises, branches, eshops), statutory persons, owners, including beneficial owners and economically connected groups, as well as licenced trades, VAT registration, or events that indicate business problems.
Third step leads to an optimal state of data quality in the enterprise information system and related significant savings. It is about automatization of processing of daily data updates from Extera, proactive attitude to data quality management in data gathering and editing processes lies in usage of Extera Search API to help users find relevant information and pre-fill all necessary fields with up to date data. 

Opportunity search and evaluation

Extera is a tool that significantly reduces time that analysts need to evaluate potential of current business opportunities or to find new ones. Not only do they have data in ready to use structure and top quality available, there are smart modules to solve problems ahead that they would be facing and would lose a lot of energy unnecessarily.

One of these difficult problems is finding economically connected groups of companies and persons and finding beneficial owners of the company. But don´t worry MindForce Synapse module got you covered and results of daily calculation is a part of Extera. Other common problem is searching for similar companies to your customers, suppliers etc. where MindForce Lookalike provides solution from different perspectives. Another example is usage of advanced AI powered OCR in MindForce Aegis component to process documents (pdfs, words) and provide output to customers for further data extraction. 

Here are some examples of use cases  that can be solved “out of the box” using Extera:

- targeting newly founded companies - filter ready made companies not sold yet and include sold ones. It is  also important to know which ones already present themselves via their own website or in one of public company catalogues


- do you have offer for small businesses with high potential to grow - check indicators like VAT registration, first car registration, trademarks or approval of subsidy


- use information about company products and services to better target your offer. Do not use general NACE classification


- get as much information about medium sized and large companies as well as public sector to improve your chance in negotiations. Where are the premises and branches, do they own the buildings? What are their favourite cars in the fleet? Are there any important tenders and contracts, personal changes within the ECG? What is the financial condition of companies in the last 3 years? Was anything in the media about the company? Find these and more information in Extera easily. 

Do you want to know more? Contact us!

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